Enhancing A Digital Footprint and Brand

This particular project consisted of a new digital footprint, logo, identity package, and detailed guidelines for the next generation. Graphic design studies, ranging from fonts and patterns to colors, were being presented while updating a legacy website, the core of the brand. Each piece of the project contributed to the tapestry that represents their identity. For this reason, we drew upon Hawaiian culture and Ahupua‘a as inspiration for the color palette and designs. As the creative vision matured, we built visual assets into traditional communications, such as annual reports. Then, we produced a digital asset for web design and development. 

One aspect of this process is striking a balance between addressing immediate needs, delivering on weekly short-term goals, and projecting long-term goals for future impact. With INPEACE, we managed the immediate needs with content updates and built diagrams for the new site architecture and design.  

We believe that by taking care of clients and transforming their brand, we’re cultivating a strong foundation for their next phase. INPEACE now has their vision woven into every aspect of their brand guidelines. What we have crafted in terms of content management will serve them for many years to come. With the new additions, they can continue to empower Native Hawaiians through their Impact Areas.  

Scope of Work
  • Logo Refinement
  • Collateral
  • Brand Identity
  • Conceptual Graphics
  • Style Sheet
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Annual Report
  • Data Visualization
  • Print Management