Hawaii Catholic Schools

Evidence-Based Web Content and Thoughtful Web Design

The Hawaii Catholic Schools office responsibility is to create the halo brand for the Catholic identity and operational vitality of the Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Honolulu across the state. Hawaii Catholic Schools did not have a web presence designed to deliver decision-making  information to different stakeholders. The most important role with limited marketing dollars was to build their digital presence. A responsive website with critical information was the primary goal after conducting research surveying parents. The new site would demonstrate the “good work” of the schools in our community. We shared the service and value of educational excellence. It promotes its values and opportunities to the general public. In order to maintain presence and gain a competitive consideration for Hawaii’s private school market, we needed to share the value of their schools. OrangeRoc was tasked to increase brand awareness by strengthening their online presence and gaining insight into the families they serve.

OrangeRoc began the project by conducting an online survey of over 1,300 parents whose children attend a Catholic school in Hawaii. OrangeRoc applied the results of the Parent Research Survey to compose thoughtful and specific messaging in the redesign of their web presence.

We provided the client with brand message sets with the alignment of foundational values and recommendations for structured offerings based on schools’ Programs and Attributes by targeted groups (Preschool, Elementary, Middle School, High School, and Overall Catholic Schools).These message sets were included in the structuring of digital solutions for the client. Each of their schools carries the same philosophy of developing the whole child, which includes the five factors of development: Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, Social, and Cognitive. The website captures these factors in areas entitled Education, Inspiration, and Faith.

Scope of Work
  • Market Research
  • Voice & Message
  • Logo Refinement
  • Photography
  • Print Ads
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Social Media
  • Analytics