Brutus Bone Broth

Giving Brand Value to a Product Rolling Out Nationwide

OrangeRoc assesses the elements of a brand before embarking on marketing initiatives. Brand resources are the key to being flexible, nimble, and responsible for positioning a product with quality and consistency across marketing channels.

In the case of Brutus Broth, we met two sisters and co-founders, Sue Delegan and Kim Heir who are bootstrapping entrepreneurs with a vision. Their goal is to produce a nutritional product for dogs nationwide.

OrangeRoc’s creative talent and marketing expertise were quickly put in motion. Initially engaged to work on marketing initiatives, we pivoted to improve the Brutus illustration, logo, and product packaging. Our work pioneered refreshed packaging with a refined logo for visual expression across the brand.

With Kim’s spearheading of national rollouts in Wegman’s, Target, Harris Teeter, and Petco, we are proud to see our work and ideas in stores across the nation.

We hope every pet parent treats their pup to the delicious broth inspired by Kim and Sue’s grandmother’s homemade recipe. The OrangeRoc team celebrates the great work produced by the creative talent, tenacity, and experience to help Brutus Broth on their path to success.

Scope of Work
  • Identity elements
  • Icon & Logo Refinement
  • Broth Packaging
  • Biscuit Packaging
  • On the Go Packaging
  • Promotional Concepts