Augustine Educational Foundation

Over a decade of continued support helping Augustine Educational Foundation

Giving credit where credit is due. There are two amazing women at Augustine Educational Foundation who personally lead and guide the organization with their passion to help students, parents and teachers. Consistently they have spearheaded projects that connect donors with the need of giving the gift of a Catholic Education. The Augustine Educational Foundation stand by their beliefs and honor the donors who have supported the organization year after year.

Together with the OrangeRoc team, Sue Ferandin and Tonya Stevenson from Augustine Educational Foundation have met goals to keep a consistent presence in all areas of marketing with our focus being on two main campaigns every year. Being nimble and adjusting our campaign outreach each year has proven to build the relationship and connections with our donors and families.

OrangeRoc started the brand building process over 10 years ago.

Scope of Work
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design & Production
  • Integrated Campaign
  • Conceptual Graphics
  • Style Sheet
  • Data Visualization
  • Layout Design
  • Production
  • Print Management